Become a travel agent with Metroeta and get a step closer to success

When traveling by road, it may be difficult to make travel arrangements that are trustworthy and of good quality. Without taking a relaxing journey in a taxi, a trip just isn't considered a real holiday.

Your requirements for outstation taxi service may be fulfilled by Metroeta. We will make arrangements for an outstation cab for your clients, regardless of whether they are traveling for business, pleasure, or just to see family in any region of the country.

The taxi network that Metroeta operates encompasses the whole of the country, from the most populous metropolitan centers to the most remote rural hamlets. We are here for you every day of the week, at any hour of the day!

Join the traveling partner program to get access to the first central booking system for air-conditioned outstation taxis, which is only available to members of the travel partner program.

The travel partners of Metroeta have immediate access to our travel booking system, which enables them can make instant bookings at any time, from any location, and without restrictions. So, Join as a Travel Agentsat Metroeta to unlock the various benefits.

Join the Metroeta family and get a plethora of benefits

Being a member of the family has so many benefits.

  • Travel agents: Use our travel site to receive the best B2B pricing.
  • Hotels - Your front desk may make reservations on the Metroeta spot kiosks for clients. Simply log in and make pre-paid or post-paid reservations. Profit from this new service by activating it from the front office.
  • Purchase pre-paid reservations from Metroeta at B2B rates and resold at retail prices - or - Simply make reservations and get an appreciation credit for the reference when the customer completes the trip with us.
  • Get bespoke itinerary quotes from our 24-hour travel desk.
  • Get comparative estimates for your itinerary by using our platform. With a single quotation request, you may reach thousands of taxi drivers.
  • Make the most of your customer ties to create new business. Create the reservations and earn a tidy sum in a heartfelt referral.

Earn money with Metroeta.

Become a B2B partner and earn money for each booking made via you. You may participate as a partner in any of the three options listed below.It's as easy as the steps below:

Portal for Partners

If you are a travel agency or just want to book a taxi for a family, neighbor, or known person, this is the easiest way to use it.

  • Sign up as a Metroeta Agent Partner.
  • Log in as a Partner and click the "Place Booking" button.
  • Book a taxi for the client. That's all there is to it.
  • AnX% commission is added to your partner's wallet. Assume you ordered a taxi for XYZ $on behalf of a client. AnXYZ $ commission will be added to your partner's wallet. Metroeta maintains the right to alter the commission percentage.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is XYZ $, which means that if the amount in your partner's wallet exceeds that amount, it will be transferred to your bank account through the weekly settlement cycle.