Become an affiliate and rise-high with Metroeta

Do you have a website, publication, or forum devoted to travel and tourism?As a thank you for your assistance, you will get X PERCENT(add percentage here)of the money we generate from each reservation your customers make via you.

Benefits of affiliating with us

Join as an affiliate as there are many benefits with Metroeta. Some of which include:

Affiliated Sources of Information

They provide all of the necessary tools for monitoring the progress of the affiliate program and earning from it. You have the option of experimenting with adding affiliate backlinks or ads to your website, which will allow you to earn a large fee on every successful sale.

Widgets that are Straightforward to Operate

They also present a number of exciting possibilities, such as the capability of setting up their widgets, which may result in a substantial amount of financial gain for you. Customers are able to go through your website and start filling out the relevant information all at the same time, thanks to these widgets.

More Important Commission

In comparison to other sites, the cost that Metroeta imposes, which may reach up to 12 percent, is rather high.

An accurate Sales Report

Another helpful tool that Metroeta offers is a comprehensive sales report that helps you to track the effectiveness of the links, banners, and widget campaigns that you are a part of. This report can be seen on their website. Because of this feature, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of the affiliate advertising that we do.

Features that we provide

Some of the features that we provide include:

Joining is Free

Anyone who is affiliating any taxi or cab provider can join us easily and that too for free. There are no hidden charges and we ensure that the service personals get the whole process seamlessly done.

High Commission

We give very high commissions to the affiliates who help us find the best of the drivers and the service personals. We are probably one of the best in the industry in terms of commission and employee benefit.

Limitless Earning Potential

If you join us as an affiliate then you have unlimited earning potential. You can earn as much as you work. Moreover, you are boss of your own time, so you may work as per your convenience and get the best potential earnings.

Simple Payout Mechanism

The payout mechanism is seamless and easy to follow. You can easily cash out the money from us and then carry on for your next service. And if you ever face any issues then our customer support executives are always there to help you out.

Easy Promotion

We provide easy promotion for you. You can share the link to others and help them join our program. The link can be shared to anyone and you will be paid for every successful joining.

Live Dashboard

We provide a live-dashboard to our customers which sets us apart from the rest of the crowd and other service providers. You can check out your progress on the dashboard that is quite savvy.