Experience Mastery, Worldliness, and Sheer Professionalism

With Metroaeta, you get more than just chauffeurs and vehicles. Our highly capable team of professionals will provide you with ground transportation management services that can satisfy even the most of your intricate travel plans.

  • On-Site Management
  • Customized Pricing
  • Route-Planning
  • Service Delivery

Once you work with us, unparalleled attention to your every detail, centralized management and business control all in one place is the bare minimum.


Experience Mastery, Flexibility, and Fulfilment

When it comes to ground transportation, Road Shows are seen as an all-important plan that involves intricate schedules with several stops and sudden last-minute changes.

We have a committed management team whose only aim is to ensure your roadshow's success. Our team oversees numerous programs annually, including traditional financial road shows for funding and IPOs, product launch events for publicity, and tours for sports and entertainment.

Road Show hallmarks:

  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Advance Route-Planning
  • Pre-Trip Chauffeur Information
  • Active Trip Monitoring
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Go Big With Your Corporate Parties

Planning a grand corporate party? Leave the transportation handling to the experts!

Our Meetings & Event Services department is entirely focused on handling the complicated logistics of group transportation and extensive travel programs.

Our hallmarks include:

  • On-Site Management and Support
  • Customized Pricing and Billing
  • Diversified Fleet Options
  • Seasoned Chauffeurs
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Experience Virtuosity and Worldliness,We treat everyone equally!

Regardless of whether you're a CEO, corporate flight executive, air charter manager, Part 91, Part 121, Part 135 operator, luxury travel concierge, or just an individual traveler, you can always expect reliable ground transportation from us at all times. Our international transportation management provides top-notch service to over 1500 private airfields, regional airports, and commuter helipads in over 500 cities around the world.

Our expertise includes:

  • Flexible Service Schedule
  • Unrivaled Industry Knowledge
  • Superlative Experience
  • Incomparable Communication
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Experience Leisure and Royalty

With Metroeta, you’ll receive nothing but the finest ground transportation solutions for 5-star and luxurious hotel properties.

Doesn’t matter if your guests are arriving for business, leisure, or as part of a huge group event, our hotel transportation management will seamlessly integrate and elevate their customer experience.

We’ll design a personalized program that includes professional drivers and a fleet of up-to-date vehicles to ensure safe and dependable service.

Our Hotel Services include:

  • On-Site Availability
  • Relocations & As-Directed
  • Shuttle Programs
  • City Tours & Outings
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Experience Worldliness and Exclusive Service

We cater to a wide range of clients across numerous industries globally and offer exceptional expertise when it comes to Global Ground Transportation Management.Our name is synonymous with business travel and we have assisted organizations of various sizes and budgets in managing their ground transportation expenses whilst not compromising on quality and safety.

As an international network, our advantage is having both safety and management under one roof.

Our standards are based on:

  • Vehicle Quality
  • Seasoned Chaffeurs
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Safe Service Delivery
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The Exclusive Chauffeured Transportation Worldwide


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